George Alevizopoulos

General Manager AENORASIS

“I have been very fortunate to know Nikos over the last 13 years and experience him initially as my teacher in an International Postgraduate Marketing Program and later as an esteemed trainer of my teams, on all matters relating to commercial excellence and leadership development.

He is a very experienced, effective and inspirational educator, whose exceptional interpersonal and adult learning skills, have elevated him to the top of his field.

Nikos has the great ability of understanding fast his customer needs and providing them with clear and valuable tools, in a very emotional way.

His work has brought enormous value and extraordinary reputation to all my commercial teams in the last years.

I can confirm, beyond any doubt, that his unique teaching and inspiring talent is acknowledged by all those colleagues, who had the opportunity to have been trained by him, not only  in the companies I have worked but also in those organizations or individuals, I have recommended him.”

George Alevizopoulos,

General Manager AENORASIS