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Professional Sales Techniques

The basic sales seminar with stages, customer classification (ABC analysis) and segmentation (behavioral categorization), with lots of role playing.


All sale practices and methods used to contribute to the sale of products to the end consumer.
In particular, we will analyze all the actions taken to improve the visualization of the products on the shelves as well as in other parts of the store, with the aim of stimulating consumers interests.

The main reasons for having merchandising are increasing sales and attracting new customers.

Sale, Negotiation & After Sales Service

A seminar where you will learn the difference between Selling and Negotiating.

You will also learn how to Keep Customers through the impeccable After Sales Service.

Key Account Management

What is happening worldwide to important Clients and how we should handle them
Specifically, it is the management of these few important customers that make the most profit in the company.
The company needs to know who these customers are, have I read the financial commercial plan (marketing actions) to best serve them since 20% of the company’s customers generate 80% of their total profits based on the Pareto law.

Advanced Selling Techniques & Strategy

Managing people is difficult, managing sales is even harder!

You’ll Learn How to Lead Your Sales and Salesman!

Tools will be provided for immediate implementation in your business.